Having been to various training centres for different courses, must say that lj business school had a very professional approach towards teaching. The professors and staff were extremely efficient and patient.
Would recommend it to all cfp and cfa aspirants.

- Raghav G Saboo,CFPCM

CFPCM is one of the respected Certification in Financial Advisory Industry. The brilliant coaching and study material that LJ Business School offers is no match with what is being offered by others. I gained a lot of confidence by working out the problems in the workbook. I would recommend LJ Business School to one who want to build and excel their carrier in Personal Finance Advisory Industry.

- Sachin Shetty ( MBA, Axis Bank Priority Banking - Manager
5 years of Work experience in Financial Industry)

I was working as an Insurance adviser and a Mutual Fund Consultant in SBI and many a time I was approached by customers asking for my advice where to invest their money so that after a certain period they could use it for either their kids marriage or education or for retirement planning.
I used to suggest some options within my capacity but at the back of my mind there was aways the nagging doubt if I was giving them the right advice and this kindled in me a great urge to do a Certification in Financial Planning but it seemed very far fetched as there were many aspects to be considered.
Firstly I was a working mother so had to do justice to both the home front and office.Secondly CFP certification needed regular study and also attending some classes which could be a guidance.Thirdly Education providers were having their classes in Dadar or Borivali while I was working in Malad which put me off.
It was as if providence was striking at my door when by chance I came across the list of Education providers on the panel for SBI staff to opt to do CFP certification where LJBS stood out; as it was at a stone's throwaway distance from my office in Malad.
I visited them in 2010 and decided to go ahead with my dream but, while filling the form I expressed my apprehension as the weekend classes would take up my weekend and when would I put in the extra time to study with being a working Mom.LJBS personnel put me at ease saying that they would definitely adjust with me when required and also if I had any difficulty I could visit them separately and they would be willing to help out.
I was given the study material ! One look at the heap of books made me feel I w
as making a huge mistake and my apprehensions sky rocketed, besides there was also that lingering doubt about LJBS's promise of helping “Promises are made to be broken”. I started classes and found it very informative and interesting and the faculty that they had arranged actually imbibed interest into me that the long 4 hours of boring study as I thought was really not boring but passed so quickly that we looked forward to the next class and the group we met at this class.
After the course was over we needed to prepare on our own before and choose our exam dates. During this time also I visited LJBS and they were very accommodative and ever ready to help me.I cleared my CFP and even after I finished I have been in touch with LJBS and find a friend I can turn to in Poonam and Pooja.
I wish them ALL the BEST in their endeavor.

- Ms Francesca I Dcruz CFPCM, State Bank of India
Sr. Special Asst. / Adviser for Insurance /Mutual Fund Consultant.

Thank you to LJBS. This was definitely a test of endurance. The large breathe of material is big. I was amazed at the amount of information LJBS provided in books and online. I couldn't have pulled all the information together in an orderly, timely, and understandable way without LJBS. LJBS truly had all the resources and materials to pass the exam. Had I not put in the time, over 200 hours spent studying in addition to the 6 month in-class review, I would not have passed. All the faculties were fantastic. I can say, without a doubt, that folks at the LJBS have all the resources to help you pass this test.The online webinars and the quizzes in the test bank were extraordinary. If you do what they tell you, then you WILL pass this test. It's that simple. However, keep in mind they are asking you to work hard and there is never a substitute for that. All said and done, I would not have been able to do it without LJBS.
Last but not the least, LJBS helped me not only in cfp exam preparation but also in practical aspect of career after cfp which helped me immensely.

- Rakesh Shirke, CFPCM

I have cleared my CFP, final module in January 2014. Thanks to LJBS, Goregaon, is undoubtedly the best, has well qualified, experienced faculties for each and every module who make the concepts very clear. Faculties are easily approachable. The online mock tests for each and every module helps to strengthen the confidence of clearing the exams. My experience with LJBS,Goregaon has been extremely satisfactory.

- Srividya.R, Freelancer